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  • phpdude

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    Spritz 29 июня 2016 г. 1:28, спустя 14 минут


    Сапожник без сапог
  • guanguan11

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    Spritz 17 сентября 2020 г. 9:05, спустя 1541 день 7 часов 37 минут

    However, in our age, too many people don’t even believe in love. Love’s compromise in the face of reality is so reasonable. In addition to love, there are many other things that can be exchanged and abandoned in the face of interests and worldliness, just like Today, when facing love and reality, when you choose love or reality, many of us are indifferent to love and blindly pursue material desires. Gatsby's greatness lies in the things that everyone lacks in that particular era, but he But persevering.

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