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Windows API Hooking in Python with Deviare

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    Spritz 26 июля 2012 г. 22:50

    The code below uses Python to intercept the CreateFile function on the kernel32.dll to forbid opening certain files. It hooks the CreateFile function for the notepad.exe application. The Python code is very small and to the point, and you can customize it for your own purposes. For example, it can be used to sandbox an application to restrict it to a certain set of files, registry keys, and network accesses.

    • Install Python 2.7.3 for Windows

    • Download Deviare and Register DeviareCOM.dll and DeviareCOM64.dll if the script should under an x64 platform: open a command prompt with administrator rights, navigate to the folder where the Deviare’s *.dll files are located, execute “regsvr32 DeviareCOM.dll” and “regsvr32 DeviareCOM64.dll”

    • Download and install Python Win32 Extensions

    https://smappi.org/ - платформа по созданию API на все случаи жизни

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