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facebook application development

  • sen4ik

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    Spritz 30 ноября 2010 г. 16:44

    привет братство

    меня тут на работу позвали. но чтобы туды попасть надо тестовое задание сделать.
    ниже собстна само задание. переводить нету время.
    вопрос таков: кто то знаком с разработками для facebook? где почитать мона? с чего начать?


    Create a very simple gifting app. Don't worry about layout/CSS at all - we're interested in the logic and functionality.

    The app should have a set of gifts (they can be anything - food, candy, guns, drugs, flowers, fish, whatever, as long as there's more than one thing and the user can choose) that the user can "send" to their friends. The method of "sending" is up to you - post on your friends' wall, use Facebook's soon-to-be-deprecated Request feature, whatever.

    The app should remember whom I've sent gifts to and when and I should be able to see that in a newsfeed-esque format.

    Technical requirements:
    * PHP (5.2 or 5.3 is acceptable - at least 5 though)
    * MySQL
    * Facebook app MUST be in iFrame mode
    * At least one use of Facebook's XFBML feature through their Javascript SDK
    * At least one AJAX request using a framework of your choice (JQuery, Prototype, etc.)
    * You must write your own SQL (no ORM or Linq-style stuff)
    * The app MUST be organized reasonably well - separate display and business logic, use objects, etc.

    What we are looking for:
    * Ability to learn quickly, read instructions, and follow directions
    * Design patterns, code organization
    * Know when to build, when to copy, and when to use somebody's open source project
    * Know how to write a query (write it yourself, don't use an ORM framework)
    * Be a good programmer. Wait, no, be a great programmer.

    Send us the source code. We should be able to easily plug our own API key and secret key into your config, create a database with the right name, and run your app using 'localhost' as the callback. Don't sweat it if your app doesn't work in Internet Explorer - we're not THAT mean to our job applicants.

    Let us know how much free time you reasonably have to work on this. The default timeline is about 48 hours, but we can make exceptions.
  • mario

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  • sen4ik

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    Spritz 1 декабря 2010 г. 18:23, спустя 1 день 1 час 32 минуты

    пыасыбо марио!
    ченть на русском бы?!
  • adwo

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  • sen4ik

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    Spritz 2 декабря 2010 г. 13:58, спустя 18 часов 48 минут 42 секунды


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