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Low Cost FOG INS

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    Spritz 20 июля 2023 г. 9:12

    ER-FINS-70 (0.3°):
    1. Heading accuracy (1σ): ≤0.3°;
    2. Attitude accuracy (1σ): ≤0.03°;
    3. High performance & low cost.
    ER-FINS-70 High Performance & Low Cost FOG INS is mainly composed of three solid fiber optic gyroscopes, three quartz flexible accelerometers, data packing plates, body structural parts and related software. It can measure the angular velocity and linear acceleration of the carrier motion; performs the error compensation of temperature, installation misalignment angle, non-linearity and zero position etc.; automatically searches and outputs true north heading; provides three-dimensional attitude; provides information for carrier attitude and navigation control and the measurement result is output through RS422 serial interface.

    System Structure and Functions

    The system consists of a chassis, an IMU body (with a three-axis fiber optic gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer), a gyro motherboard, a metered motherboard, a secondary power supply, a navigation computer, and connectors.

    It can meet the requirements of all-weather full-autonomous three-axis attitude measurement of the carrier and has self-alignment function. It can realize short-term pure inertial navigation and combined navigation functions, and output carrier real-time attitude data.


    3.1 Performance Specifications

    3.1.1 Full Temperature Sensor Parameter

    The gyro is better than 0.05°/h, and the accelerometer is better than 200ug (10s, 1σ).

    3.1.2 Initial Alignment (at normal temperature 25° C)

    Alignment mode: self-alignment;

    Alignment time: less than 5min (static base);

    Horizontal attitude (pitch, roll) alignment accuracy (1σ): ≤0.03°;

    Heading alignment accuracy (1σ): ≤0.3°.

    3.1.3 Attitude Maintaining Accuracy

    1h pure inertia state;

    Horizontal attitude (pitch, roll) maintaining accuracy (1σ): ≤0. 05°;

    Heading accuracy (1σ): ≤0.2°;

    8h position combination status;

    Position accuracy (CEP): 10m;

    3.2 Volume, weight

    3.2.1 ER-FINS-70A

    The system volume is: 237mm×157mm×122mm;

    System weight: less than 5Kg.

    3.2.2 ER-FINS-70B

    The system volume is: 140mm×140mm×100mm;

    System weight: less than 3Kg.

    3.3 Environmental conditions requirements

    Operating temperature range: -40° C~+60° C.

    3.4 Power supply and power consumption

    The average power consumption is 15W, 10W at normal temperature;

    Power supply 24V, working voltage 16~32V.

    3.5 Input and output interface

    RS422 input and output interface: send navigation parameters and receive control commands

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