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Ты знаешь, как найти Север в шахте?

  • Ericco

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    Spritz 13 июля 2023 г. 9:57

    Mine north finder(FOG North Finder For Mining - Ericco Inertial System [ericcointernational.com]) is based on three-axis integrated fiber optic gyro and three-axis accelerometer, which can complete the initial alignment, attitude maintenance function, real-time output carrier attitude reference value.

    The invention is a method for measuring the attitude of a downhole drilling machine. It is fixed on the track of the rig propeller. After starting work, the angular velocity of the sensitive rotational motion and the acceleration of the translational motion are solved in the posture of the processor to obtain the attitude of the rig. Then, the inertial measurement system continuously measures the current rig’s current position. Attitude until the end of the measurement. The invention can automatically and quickly and accurately measure and display the posture information of the downhole drilling rig without relying on the external information by means of the external information.BY series north finder acquisition software as shown below:

    Navigation data module: After the system seeks north, the alignment information is displayed on the left side of the area, and the right part tracks the system’s three-dimensional posture information in real time.

    Control command module: “North seeking instruction” can be re-searched in the case of uninterrupted power; latitude, longitude, height of the three edit boxes can be entered in the current work location latitude and longitude (mobile phone positioning is ok ), after the input is complete, click “latitude and longitude “longitude and latitude information can be stapled and instantly written into the system’s internal memory. After sending is complete, click “Search North” to search for north under the new input latitude and longitude, and the power is not lost. On the upper computer interface, “upper machine” – “latitude” The latitude, longitude, and altitude data are updated to the new latitude and longitude to indicate successful stapling.

    Sensor data module: includes gyro and accelerometer raw output data; the internal counter counts for power on, clicks“seeking north command”and clears it; latitude, longitude, and height are bound information.

    The data is stored in the current directory of the software and named as“0924205117imu_data.txt” (document creation time). The data columns are three-axis gyros, three-axis plus tables, three-axis attitude angles, latitude, longitude, and altitude.
    Из-за ограничений на страницы, вы можете получить больше информации, кликая на эту ссылкуthought balloon ericcointernational.com

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