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Buy the most affordable Honkai Star Rail Account on IGGM

  • jacksoner

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    Spritz 14 июня 2023 г. 8:27

    With the upcoming Honkai Star Rail track to the stars version, the previous version will also become a thing of the past. So today I will bring you a guide on the trajectory of the Honkai Star Rail to the stars, to help players review and sort out the main content of this version of the trajectory to the stars, so that everyone can better welcome the next version arrival. So without further ado, let's take a look at the content of the version of the trajectory leading to the stars. These are all collected by me on IGGM.

    In this version, there are two limited pools in the game waiting for players to draw. The first one is Xier, a limited five-star character that many old players yearn for but can't ask for. Although the pool is currently closed, players are still not impressed by Hill's powerful combat output. I don't know when the next Hill pool will be re-enacted, but as the limited pool of the initial version, it is expected that it will not appear for a long time in the future.

    The second is to limit the five-star Jingyuan Pond, Jingyuan must be obvious to everyone, with a high status and good strength. More importantly, as the second white-haired limited character to appear in the game server, it has indeed received the attention of many players, and its popularity is quite high among some player groups. The pool will last until the opening of the next version. For those who haven’t drawn it, hurry up and continue to draw it. It will probably be gone in the next version.

    The event rewards in this version are quite rich, among which the most eye-catching one is the novice gift pack event that has logged in for seven days. Players can log in for seven days within a limited period of time, and they can receive a total of ten star track special tickets, that is, ten chances to draw cards, which is quite profitable.

    The second is Panyan Town Super League, which was available during the closed beta, and then released from the public beta. Players can randomly challenge enemies of different difficulties to complete the battle, and obtain corresponding exclusive rewards. As far as rewards are concerned, they are relatively rich, and there are many stones to receive. The only thing to pay attention to is that the number of enemies is higher in high difficulty, speedrunners or low-level novice players need to pay special attention.

    If you want to get an account with a lot of popular characters, go to IGGM, because this website sells a lot of cheap and very good HSR Accounts. My account is purchased on this account, and it gives me a very good experience. Not only is the delivery speed fast, but the service attitude is also very good. If you ask me what the best place to buy Honkai Star Rail Accounts, then it must be IGGM.

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