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Elemental Hit Slayer build, get the cheapest POE Currency in June

  • jacksoner

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    Spritz 14 июня 2023 г. 8:12

    Today let me introduce you a powerful build - Elemental Hit Slayer. I found this guide on IGGM, which is also a good place for [url=https://www.poecurrency.com/]POE Currency Buy[/url].

    We can get a lot of information from the name, Elemental Hit Slayer can use elements to cause damage to the enemy. You can use multiple elements, of course you can also use only one element. But if you only use one element, you may It will be difficult, for example, if you only use fire element, but your enemy has high resistance to fire element, it will be difficult for you to fight against it.

    So the best way to build this set is to start with Witch and focus on improving your three elements of lightning, ice and fire, so that you have a lot of skills. Of course you can get it by upgrading the corresponding magic attributes The ability to use these three skills at the same time. But I suggest you choose the elemental strike ability, because you will be more powerful this way.

    The best thing about using three abilities at the same time is that when you want to release the elements to deal damage to the enemy, if the enemy is immune to one of your attributes, it will also be killed by the other two attributes.

    Of course, if you really like a single element, you can also use some special items so that you only have one attribute. But often such items are very precious, and you need to have a lot of POE Currency. You can pay attention to POECurrency, it is definitely the best choice for you to [url=https://www.poecurrency.com/]Buy POE Currency[/url].

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