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How to apply MEMS sensor in Oil & GasᅵAerospaceᅵAHRSᅵUAV?

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    Spritz 31 июля 2023 г. 9:20

    MEMS sensor, or Microelectronic Mechanical Systems, is a multidisciplinary frontier research field developed on the basis of microelectronics technology. After more than 50 years of development, it has become one of the major scientific and technological fields that have attracted worldwide attention. It involves electronics, machinery, materials, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and other disciplines and technologies, and has broad application prospects. As of 2021, there are hundreds of products have been developed. Among them, MEMS gyro and MEMS acceleration sensors account for a considerable proportion.

    MEMS acceleration sensor uses gravity acceleration and can be used to detect the tilt angle of the device, making the inclination measurement not accurate enough, so it is usually necessary to use a gyroscope and a magnetic sensor to compensate. By measuring acceleration due to gravity, you can calculate the tilt angle of the device relative to the horizontal plane. By analyzing dynamic acceleration, you can analyze how the device moves.

    MEMS gyroscope is a new type of sensor manufactured using microelectronics and micro-machining technology. With the continuous development of MEMS material technology and manufacturing technology. The accuracy of MEMS gyroscopes has been improved from a few tenths of a degree to a few hundredths of a degree.

    As a precision test instrument, MEMS gyro instruments can provide accurate azimuth datum for surface facilities, mine tunnels, underground railways and oil drilling. In the drilling fields, inertial devices is greater and harder to adapt than flying fields, because of its tough working conditions, especially the higher environmental temperatures. Ericco’s MEMS gyro sensors ER-MG2-100 and ER-MG-022 are designed specifically for the drilling fields. They have strong adaptability. ER-MG-022 has strong resistance to high temperatures, and even can work at 110 degrees Celsius.

    With the development of science and technology, MEMS gyroscopes it has been widely used in aviation and aerospace navigation now. According to the need, MEMS gyro can provide accurate azimuth, level, position, speed and acceleration signals, so that the pilot or with automatic navigator to control aircraft, ships or space shuttle and other vehicles according to a certain course of flight, and in the guidance of missiles, satellite carriers or space exploration rockets and other vehicles, then the attitude control and orbit control of the vehicle are completed directly by using these signals. Just like Ericco’s MEMS gyroscope ER-MG2-300/400 is intended for navigation and other high performance applications. An advanced, differential sensor design rejects the influence of linear acceleration, enabling the ER-MG2-300/400 to operate excellence in exceedingly harsh aerospace environments.

    MEMS gyroscopes can also be used in AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System), used to measure the angular rate of the system. By taking the initial position of the system in the inertial reference frame as the initial condition, and integrating the angular velocity, the current direction of the system can be obtained at all times.

    In UAV, the high-precision MEMS gyroscope on advanced UAV have direct and substantial influence on its flight performance. Limited by size and harsh environment and operating conditions, such as temperature fluctuation and vibration, the requirements of the sensor are raised to a new level. MEMS gyroscope must minimize these effects and provide accurate and reliable measurements. Ericco’s MEMS gyroscopes do it. Ericco’s MEMS gyroscope has been successfully applied to an Australian UAV company and greatly improved its drone performance.

    Although FOG sensor is currently in the field of strategic high-precision applications , it is the world of fiber optic gyros. However, with the continuous development of MEMS material technology and manufacturing technology in the future, MEMS inertial sensors will develop towards light weight and miniaturization. The accuracy of MEMS inertial navigation systems will continue to increase and their costs will continue to decrease. Therefore, strategic high-precision MEMS gyroscopes are used Replacing FOG is an important development trend, and this day is not far away.
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