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    Spritz 19 апреля 2021 г. 6:21

    In the initial stage, the bottomless magnification method was used to omit the detailed texture and rich tones of the "subject", and make a "light picture" that only expressed its shape. Later, it developed to either use light, or edit the collection, or halfway exposure, or shake the camera during shooting to blur the image of the subject in the negative, or double exposure to make it double-image, until the surface structure of the picture is changed, and the surface structure of the picture is changed. The original form and spatial structure of the photographed object try to use the so-called "absolutely abstract language" of form, tone (color) and material to transform the photographed object into some kind of lines, spots and shapes that cannot be recognized. hybrid. To express the so-called subconscious world of the most real and essential power of human beings regarded as the standard by the artists of this school. In the work, the subject is nothing more than a "melody" borrowed by the artist to produce the "melody" of one's own imagination and personality at will.seo agency

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