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What Is An Accelerometer?

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    Spritz 31 октября 2023 г. 11:53

    The acceleration sensor uses gravity acceleration and can be used to detect the tilt angle of the device, but it will be affected by the acceleration of the movement, making the inclination measurement not accurate enough, so it is usually necessary to use a gyroscope and a magnetic sensor to compensate. At the same time, the magnetic sensor also uses the geomagnetic field to measure the azimuth. When the current in the system changes or there is a magnetically conductive material around it, and when the device is tilted, the measured azimuth is not accurate. At this time, an acceleration sensor (tilt sensor) is required. ) and gyroscope.

    There are two types of accelerometers: one is an angular accelerometer, which is improved by a gyroscope (angular velocity sensor). The other is a linear accelerometer.

    By measuring acceleration due to gravity, you can calculate the tilt angle of the device relative to the horizontal plane. By analyzing dynamic acceleration, you can analyze how the device moves.

    The acceleration sensor can detect the AC signal and the vibration of the object. When a person walks, a certain regular vibration will be generated, and the acceleration sensor can detect the zero-crossing point of the vibration, so as to calculate the number of steps taken by a person or by running. Thus, the displacement that a person moves is calculated. And using a certain formula can calculate the calorie consumption.Use the acceleration sensor to detect the vibration / shake amplitude of the handheld device, and lock the camera shutter when the vibration / shake amplitude is too large, so that the captured image is always clear.

    In the application of accelerometers, quartz accelerometers are represented. Quartz accelerometers are made of quartz material, which has better performance than metal and high fatigue resistance. Therefore, this kind of accelerometer has higher accuracy, strong anti-disturbance ability, large measurement range and strong overload ability. At present, quartz accelerometers have been widely used in the measurement of various linear acceleration, vibration acceleration, speed, distance, angular velocity, angular displacement and other parameters. The following are the areas where it is commonly used:

    Oil logging field

    Quartz accelerometer is one of the many accelerometers with relatively simple structure, performance, volume and price advantages. Especially in the high temperature environment of drilling and logging, it is an acceleration sensor that has been tested by a lot of actual downhole work experience, and has high temperature and high reliability product characteristics. For example, ER-QA-03D quartz accelerometer designed for oil mining can work at a high temperature environment of 180℃ and the volume is only 25×21mm, its seismic resistance is 500-1000g 0.5ms, which has the advantage of overcoming complex environmental difficulties, so as to improve the efficiency of logging.

    Inertial navigation system field

    Inertial navigation system is an auxiliary navigation system that uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure the acceleration and angular velocity of objects, and uses computers to continuously estimate the position, attitude and velocity of moving objects. By detecting the acceleration and angular velocity of the system, the inertial navigation system can detect changes in position, speed and attitude. ER-QA-03A is a high-performance quartz accelerometer with zero bias stability of 10-50μg, scale factor of 15-50 PPM, and second-order nonlinearity of 10-30μg/g2, providing accurate data information for the system.

    Aerospace field

    Quartz accelerometers can achieve high precision acceleration measurement with extremely high reliability and stability. Its special flexible construction enables it to adapt to high acceleration applications under various environmental conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure and high vibration environments. For example, in addition to the zero-bias stability of 10μg, the scale factor and second-order nonlinearity of the ER-QA-01A can also reach 10 PPM and 10μg/g² respectively. It is a good choice in aerospace applications.

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