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What Does the Accelerometer Sensor Detect?

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    Spritz 30 октября 2023 г. 10:18

    An accelerometer is an instrument used to measure the linear acceleration of an object. It integrates the acceleration within a certain period of time to obtain the speed of the object under measurement, and integrates the speed to obtain the displacement of the object under measurement. The net acceleration or force of the system over time is gravity, and an accelerometer can also be used to measure the static Angle of tilt or tilt. The quartz flexible accelerometer is one of the representative products of the accelerometer, and adopts high-quality quartz crystal, which can realize high precision acceleration measurement, and has high reliability and stability. Its special flexible construction enables it to adapt to high acceleration applications under various environmental conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure and high vibration environments.
    Applications in the aerospace field
    Quartz vibration beam accelerometers can be used to measure the body vibration and flight state of aircraft in order to better estimate the life of aircraft and maintenance costs. In addition, the quartz vibration beam accelerometer can also be used in the development of pilot helmets to ensure that it can smoothly adapt to aerodynamic changes, and thus ensure the safety of the pilot. For example, ER-QA-03A has a zero-bias stability of 10-50μg, a scale factor repeatability of 15-50 PPM, and a second-order nonlinearity of 10-30μg/g2, which is often the best choice for high-performance, aerospace applications.
    Applications in oil drilling
    Quartz flexible accelerometer is one of the many accelerometers with relatively simple structure, high performance-to-volume ratio and performance-to-price ratio, especially in the high temperature environment of drilling and logging. It is one of the few accelerometers in China that has been verified by a lot of actual underground work experience, and has high temperature and high reliability product characteristics. The ER-QA-03D is designed for the drilling sector and is capable of shock resistance of 0.5ms at 500-1000g in an operating environment of -55 to 180 ° C.
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