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Why do we Need Accelerometer?

  • Junee

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    Spritz 26 октября 2023 г. 9:34

    Accelerometer is getting more and more attention, not only because it is a sensor that can measure the acceleration of objects, with the development of intelligence, accelerometer from the material, structural design accuracy has been further improved and is widely used in the field we know.
    The performance of flexible material directly affects the performance of accelerometer. The materials that can be used as flexible pendulum are mainly metal and quartz. The traditional liquid floating pendulum accelerometer pendulum uses metal materials, and the thermal expansion coefficient of quartz is much smaller than that of steel, and the material performance is better than that of metal. ER-QA-03A Your text to link here...produced by quartz material can reach 10-50μg in bias repeatability . The scale factor is 15-50ppm, and the second-order nonlinear repeatability is 10-30μg/g2, which has become an indispensable key device in inertial navigation and guidance system.
    The quartz flexible pendulum accelerometer is elastomically connected to the flexible beam support and introduces the elastic torque, so the accelerometer has higher precision, strong anti-interference ability, large measuring range and strong overload ability. For example, the measurement range of ER-QA-03BYour text to link here... is ±70g, the bias repeatability is 10-30μg, and the second-order nonlinearity is 10-30μg/g2. It can provide accurate data reference for the measurement of various linear acceleration and vibration acceleration and the measurement of speed, distance, angular velocity, angular displacement and other parameters.
    In addition, we can see the use of accelerometers in military and civilian fields such as satellite microgravity measurement systems, high-precision inertial navigation systems, rock and soil drilling measurements, oil-sucking drilling, continuous inclinometer systems, launch vehicles, ballistic missiles, spacecraft, and so on.
    If you want to know more about quartz accelerometers or purchase, please contact me through the following ways:
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