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Do you Know the Working Principle of Inclinometer ?

  • Christina

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    Spritz 19 октября 2023 г. 4:05

    The working principle of inclinometer

    Let me briefly introduce the inclinometer commonly used in petroleum logging, which is a kind of in-situ monitoring instrument for measuring the dip angle and azimuth of borehole. The required data can be obtained through all kinds of sensor components in the survey sensor, and then the data can be recorded from the high-temperature memory to obtain the relevant azimuth angle, dip angle, temperature data, depth, tool face angle and other parameters that engineers want to know, so as to determine the specific situation of the drilling.

    In foreign countries, inclinometer has been used for position monitoring in earth dam, roadbed, slope and tunnel and other geotechnical engineering since 1950s. Our country began to introduce inclinometer sensors from the United States, Japan, Britain and other foreign countries and monitor some important geotechnical engineering in the 1980s. In order to better develop the exploration of oil, coal, offshore oil well development of China’s research and development in this area is also as a large project to carry out, and some related research institutions developed resistance strain type, accelerometer type and electronic meter type and other intelligent inclinometer.

    Up to now, various inclinometers have been widely used in the fields of water conservancy and hydropower, mineral metallurgy, transportation and geotechnical engineering for urban construction, and have played an important role in ensuring the safety of geotechnical engineering design, construction and use.

    Inclinometer application fileds: borehole survey, foundation pit, foundation, wall, dam slope, oil field logging, marine logging exploration, coal mine exploration, etc.

    How does the inclinometer work?

    Working principle of inclinometer when measuring angle probe from bottom to top in the dip tube piecewise sliding when measuring, the probe’s sensor is sensitive to reflect the dip tube in the angle changes in the depth of each segment, and then according to the tilt angle and the horizontal displacement at different elevation of the incremental, from the bottom of the dip tube station began to piecewise accumulative, can get the horizontal displacement at any height, when the inclinometer observation, in order to eliminate and reduce the zero drift and assembly error of the instrument, the data should be measured and read once in the positive direction of displacement and in the opposite direction after the probe turns 180 degrees, and the algebraic average value of the measured data in the positive and negative directions should be taken as the measurement value of inclination.

    Designed based on the principle ER-TS-12200-Modbus high precision wireless transmission tilt senor is a wireless inclination sensor with ultra-low power consumption, small size and high performance, which is aimed at the industrial application of users without power supply or real-time dynamic measurement of object attitude angle. Powered by lithium battery, based on Internet of things technology Bluetooth and ZigBee (optional) wireless transmission technology, all internal circuits have been optimized and designed, and various measures such as industrial MCU, three proof PCB board, imported cable, wide temperature metal shell are adopted to improve the industrial level of the product. With good long-term stability and small zero drift, it can automatically enter the low-power sleep mode, so as to get rid of the dependence on the use environment.

    The product has compact structure, precise design, re compensation for temperature and linearity, and integrated comprehensive protection functions such as short circuit, instantaneous high voltage, polarity, surge, etc. It is simple and convenient to use. The wireless digital signal transmission method eliminates the cumbersome wiring and noise interference caused by long cable transmission; The industrial design has extremely high measurement accuracy and anti-interference ability. The wireless sensor nodes can form a huge wireless network, support thousands of measuring points to monitor the inclination at the same time, and support professional computer software. Without field survey, it can measure and record the state of the measured object in real time; The safety monitoring system is suitable for remote real-time monitoring and analysis of industrial sites, dilapidated houses, ancient buildings, civil engineering, tilt deformation of various towers and other needs.

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