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Application of MEMS IMU in Automobile

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    Spritz 27 июля 2023 г. 9:26

    The full name of MEMS sensor is Micro Electromechanical System, which is a micro device or system that integrates sensors, actuators, mechanical mechanisms, signal processing and control circuits, etc., using semiconductor manufacturing processes and materials. Its internal structure is generally on the micrometer or even nanometer scale. Compared with traditional mechanical sensors, MEMS sensors have the advantages of small size, integration, intelligence, and low cost, which can meet the requirements for sensors in the Internet of Things era.

    A MEMS Inertial Navigation Unit (IMU) is a combination of an accelerometer and a gyroscope that can measure both rotational angular rate and linear acceleration.

    Any self-driving machine, whether it is a passenger car, tractor, delivery robot or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), must know its global and relative position accurately and under all conditions to ensure safe and reliable operation. In particular, geolocation signals generated by Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) or Global Positioning System (GPS) often experience signal blockage, and airborne vision sensors (lidar, radar, cameras) are affected by weather, sun, spoofing attacks. case is extremely challenging. To overcome the environmental limitations of these sensors, we must use a high-performance inertial measurement unit (IMU) to independently determine the vehicle’s acceleration, heading angle, and relative position. The IMU relies on the principles of gravity and inertia, rather than the external environment, to provide a constant and complementary data source for autonomous precision navigation systems.

    The ER-MIMU-05 is an angular velocity gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer integrated in a single package. It is designed for Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and other high-performance applications that require both yaw rate and acceleration signals. Provides excellent stability in the temperature range of -45°C to 80°C. The advanced gyro sensor design suppresses the linear acceleration effects of shock and vibration, enabling the ER-MIMU-05 to operate in harsh environments. The accelerometer signal chain is specially designed to prevent the overload conditions that occur in these same harsh environments.

    ERICCO‘s product line spans tactical-grade stability and ultra-high performance offerings up to 10 degrees of freedom of movement, all factory calibrated and optimized for embedded sensor conditioning. The product lineup continues to expand, with new IMUs and North Finder products coming soon.

    In addition to the application of ERICCO’s MEMS products in automotive electronics, its popularity in oil drilling, mining and other application markets is also increasing. MEMS technology is developing into a huge industry, just like the great changes brought by the microelectronics industry and the computer industry to mankind in the past 20 years, MEMS is also bred a profound technological change and has a new round of impact on human society.

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