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Smallest Size Triaxial MEMS North Seeker

  • Ericco

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    Spritz 18 июля 2023 г. 9:20

    The performance index of a gyro north-seeking device depends on two aspects: north-seeking precision and north-seeking time. The traditional north-seeking device has a good performance in north seeking performance, but its equipment is expensive and heavy. With the continuous optimization of the performance and accuracy of MEMS gyroscope, the future gyro north-seeking device will develop towards the trend of high north-seeking accuracy, low north-seeking time, low cost, small size and high operational flexibility. MEMS IMU has been widely used in general civil navigation, tactical weapons and unmanned systems because of its advantages of small size, low cost, high reliability and easy installation.

    IMU in inertial navigation system

    The inertial navigation system is an auxiliary navigation system that uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to measure the acceleration and angular velocity of objects and uses computers to continuously estimate the attitude, speed and position of objects through navigation solutions. Inertial navigation system is an inseparable system in the modern navigation field.
    MEMS is an industrial technology that merges microelectronics and mechanical engineering with a range of operations on the micron scale. Along with the improvement of the silicon semiconductor process for making integrated circuits, the micromechanical manufacturing technology of micro-machinery, micro-sensor and micro-actuator emerged in the 1980s, making MEMS technology become a real product. The achievements of MEMS technology in the field of inertial navigation are reflected in the MEMS IMU, which is composed of three silicon micro gyroscopes, three silicon micro accelerometers and the corresponding control circuit. MEMS IMU has the advantages of small size, light weight, easy mass production and low cost, and has been widely used in the general civil and some unmanned system navigation fields. But its disadvantages are obvious: relatively low accuracy, bias stability is about 10~20°/h.

    But Ericco’s ER-MIMU-01&ER-MIMU-05 use High Performance North Seeking MEMS Gyroscope(ER-MG2-100) that can reach 0.1°/h, which is lower than the lowest precision IMU of many large companies, and can reflect its high performance in the complex environment.
    If you are interested, you can leave your email and I will send the catalog and datasheet!!**

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